I see my art as an intimate dialogue shaped by my personal experience as a woman, a daughter and an artist in a highly Italian patriarchal family. The themes imposed by such environment concern dependency and freedom, repulsion, and attraction. My discontent is expressed by the abstraction of the impermanent body. The choice of specific materials resembling the idea of life gives birth to a visceral and occasionally grotesque way of self -examining my personal and collective history. Art’s physical components are as important as the intellectual engagement with materiality. In my installation works materials, sounds, smells, visuals and located objects functioned strictly together as a way to investigate and redefine tradition and history. Sometimes, it is essential to go back and redefine the original intent and concept behind of a tradition; This helps us to know what we had been doing, why we had been doing, and what changes can be made to make our culture strong and balanced for both men and women. 
With my art practice, I aim to create alternative worlds, made intentionally and straightforwardly with ordinary development and domestic forms and contents, precisely picked, examined and controlled to create new meaning. Materials, structure, and forms are combined to produce spaces imbued with metaphor and expression as the implications and articulations of the contained elements become manifest.  I create worlds of sculptural events: things grow and contract, many request body contributions on the part of the viewer to be fully understood. Every one of the pieces requests full consideration and include building elements on which I  venture characteristics of quality and nonappearance. The work produces appearing logical inconsistencies and at that point goes along with them in an immediate, visible truth and mentally perturbing way.